I can’t sit still. I need to run. I need to hide. I need to move. I’m thinking. I keep thinking. There is a jittery feeling in the pit of my stomach, and despite this urge to move, move, MOVE, my pen flows on the page at a normal pace, unhurried, leisurely, like it has […]

I wanted to like this book. I really did. The synopsis sounded interesting to me, but alas this is a case of the summary sounding far better than the actual content. Grace is our main heroine, she loves classic cars (Ford especially, and trust me, she never lets you forget that), tattoos (having had a […]

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed Forsaken. That’s right folks, you read it right. A LOVE letter. To AC THREE. Emotionless Connor and all, and I’m dead serious. I’m late to the party, I realise that, but I had my reasons. See, I was one of the many playtesters for AC3, […]

In lieu of my current all-consuming obsession with the JokerxHarleyQuinn dynamics, a stray thought, typical of how most of my thoughts begin, led me to suddenly make a connection (on the other hand, it could just be wild guessing from a obsessed, bored brain) between two seemingly unrelated characters. Guys. Jeanette Voerman is to Therese […]

Her breathing slows to an almost complete halt. Her heartbeat, strong, proud and defiant, pounds in her ears. She stands in a crowded place. She vaguely registers her friends standing somewhere. She isn’t alone, but she might as well be. Outside of her, the world feels stagnated, like she was a character in a recording, […]

Right, so I’ve been chucked one of these cookies by digbyboom (blog found here: http://forsoothandtwenty.wordpress.com ), although really, I reckon I’m undeserving because of the appalling lack of updates that I said I would do but never got round to. But it was nice of him, especially since apparently my blog got under his skin (his […]

So this one goes back up again. This story feels like my unloved and unwanted child. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Day 1 – Briefing I stood in a room, behind the separator glass, you know, the type that enables one side to view the other side, but not vice versa. Yes, that one. I have always wondered where […]

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